My Purpose

Develop. Train. Persevere. Influence.

My Purpose…

…is to comprehensively teach, develop and train leaders in every role and age to influence themselves, their family, their teams and their organizations. THAT is what gives ME meaning in life. But this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU. I want to help YOU create the best, most positive, resilient and fulfilling version of yourself, to make a difference in your life AND the lives of others.

Every person in any role who is a position of influence, is a leader. Whether you are a business executive or board member, a school district superintendent/principal/athletic director or coach, a teacher, student or student athlete, everyone can and must improve their leadership influence and organizational change skills. Every person can increase their ability to become more resilient to deal with life’s adversity, anxiety and stress. All the methods are proven and it’s a matter of having a mindset of wanting to purposefully apply them to develop and grow.

I love what I do and my goal is to help you to personally be well and then do well for others.

My Leadership Background…

…is very diverse - with the benefit of being in many highly challenging transformation leadership, high velocity organizational change roles in business and management consulting, as well as teaching at The Ohio State University, the leadership experience is a deep and real one for me.  I’ve been involved in playing multiple sports and fitness training since I was a kid. I have felt the ups and downs, struggles and many life lessons learned.  Working at global companies such as GE, Citi, Xerox and TIAA-CREF in senior leadership roles and as a teacher, I have a deep hands-on appreciation for what it really takes to influence and develop an organization, team or classroom and its culture.   I have personally felt what it’s like to struggle to become more resilient through the challenges, stress and adversity, as an individual and with my own teams. I wish I knew many years ago what I now know today!

My Wonderful Clients…

…are highly diverse, from business, to education and athletics, as well as ministry.  I treat every client as my only client and consider our relationship to be lifelong. With school districts, I work with all levels from students and student athletes, to coaches, teachers and school system administration as well as Board members. In business, I work from CEO/executive levels, middle management to non-management. I also conduct one on one development work.


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Jack knows that organizational leadership needs systematic, sustainable leadership development, change and coaching at all levels in business, education, athletics and ministry. No organizations are identical in their needs. Everyone is seeking immediate use and impact. That’s why he offers consultations to understand and assess your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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You DO know Jack



Jack Slavinski

For seven years, I have been teaching several leadership and management consulting-oriented courses as a senior lecturer professor at The Ohio State University at the undergraduate, graduate and masters levels. I recently worked with author and motivational speaker Jon Gordon, developing leadership and team assessments for him from several of his most recent books (You Win In The Locker Room First, Power of Positive Leader, Power of Positive Team). Those assessments are published on his website.

My hobbies are reading, behavioral research, fitness training and outdoor work.  Favorite sport is college football, specifically The Ohio State University Buckeyes and the Clemson Tigers - as our children have attended and continue to attend both universities.  

I live right on the border of Delaware/Powell Ohio with my family.



Penn State University
Rutgers University
Middlesex County College


  • Ohio State University- Adjunct Prof/Faculty

  • Focus 3 - Leadership Development Consultant


  • GE

  • Citi-NYC

  • Xerox