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Leadership is about INFLUENCE and being resilient to life’s challenges and stress. I want to teach and train you and your teams on principles and skills I wish I knew decades ago. These are principles and behavioral methods that are backed by science, research and experience and not by opinion, simplicity or even force of charisma. I wish I knew that responding effectively as a leader or team is a not formulaic or doing that one big thing, but about committing to intentionally mastering and experiencing many leadership principles, skills and behaviors as a integrated system. That MBA class system is here.

This is the only program for developing leadership influence, culture and resiliency that you will need in your organization. You will find it to be the most useful, educational program for leadership.It’s comprehensive and complete. If there was a simple answer or shortcut to leading and influencing, everyone on our planet would be using it and we wouldn’t have a leadership, team talent performance, organizational change or culture shortfall.

There is no simple, cookie cutter answer for leading effectively.

Life’s adversity impacts all of us. However, when we know how to use little known, yet highly studied, proven methods on how to build up our emotional resiliency, we can navigate much better through adversity, anxiety and stress that is increasingly a common part of life-for everyone of all ages. Those methods are incorporated within the programs.

Our close working relationship and partnership is essential in today's dynamic, highly competitive environment.  I will bring the compelling content and motivational energy. With your teams willingness to collectively engage in a critical and open discussion about success and inhibitors, everyone grows TOGETHER. Your journey starts here.

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How I Work With You

Culture development PRocess

There is often a misunderstanding of the huge amplifier impact of culture on talent and how teams will perform. This enables your organization or team to define values and behaviors to purposefully build an exceptional, high performing culture identity.  This requires advanced collection of culture assessment information from participants to develop strategies and action plans for thought provoking, strategic in session discussions and decision making. The goal is to provide you a culture values and behaviors framework for implementation.

Individual team and 1-on-1 Coaching

Designed for any of the above topics to meet developmental needs of the specific team or individual.

Lead4Influence Program

This is true, systematic leadership development and organizational change management training. Leaders at all levels can be two to four times more effective at personal development and team development as a result. The standard program consists of seven module-based sessions. Many of the modules directly impact social-emotional learning program goals. Positive mindset, character strengths, personal style assessment, self-awareness/emotional management, communication effectiveness, decision making, relationships & trust building, and high performing team chemistry modules are available. The program includes over 200 proven leadership best practice strategies and actions.

Parent Education

Designed specifically to aid in parent education oriented presentations on any of the above material and topics.

Building Youth Resiliency Program

Integrated adversity, stress and forms of depression behavioral management methods and coping skill training.  Our youth are struggling in many ways emotionally without understanding and application of these proven methods. Social-emotional learning (SEL) principles are incorporated. The standard program is five module-based sessions. Topics such as: keeping positive emotions, how to stay engaged in enjoyable work, having positive relationships, doing meaningful work and service and goal achievement are comprehensively covered in detail. Covered are well over 25 immediately useful, proven resiliency building strategies and actions.

Keynotes & Motivational Speaking

Not just motivational, but also educational, to create immediate and lasting usefulness. Designed for any of the above topics to meet the needs of the particular program, event meeting or conference for any audience. This includes business, academic or athletics.


You will see the difference in how your leaders and teams interact and how your organization performs and adapts to change.


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